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  • Through the universities cooperation

    We work with colleges and universities are:

    un yat-sen university, wuyi university, jiangmen vocational technical college

  • Through the quality certification

    Successful become wal-mart suppliers;

    In 2001 the company successfully passed ISO9001:2008 quality certification

  • Customers all over the world

    Domestic: our brand and our customers all over the country;

    International: exported to foreign countries

Water Treatment And Filling Machines

Focus on water quality solutions for 20 years, our brand and customers all over the world

20 years of professional water treatment technology, solid quality "Fu-chuen," made

Professional to provide water quality solutions

  • Advanced production machinery, high-quality water treatment equipment provider

    Using high-end production equipment, equipped with professional testing equipment

  • 20 years of production technology, easy to deal with all kinds of custom requirements

    Years of production experience, to solve problems for customers, turnkey projects, plant graphic design, installation commissioning, technical training, and improve after-sales

  • Independent development departments, professional team to provide scientific customized solutions

    Jiangmen Fushou Drinking Water Equipment Co., Ltd. has independent development departments, research and development team for the customer needs to provide professional custom programs to meet the diverse needs of customers customized!

  • Energy saving and environmental protection

    Has the world's leading biological method of heavy metal ecological restoration technology, the preparation of the parameters of water quality monitoring equipment for heavy metal enterprise standards; not only to achieve a stable water standards, to achieve the efficient use of resources.

  • Technological innovation

    With advanced technology, high efficiency, stable operation, small footprint, low investment, low cost, etc., Can save more than 60% of investment in traditional technology, and reach the international advanced level of similar products.

  • Product research

    Energy-saving and low-carbon development of the field of advanced technology and the courage to innovate pioneering spirit for the company continued to build the integration process of production and research to promote the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements to change and enhance the company's industry has played a positive role in promoting visibility.

  • Our company is the first to enter the water treatment industry, one of professional firms, with nearly 20 years of accumulated experience, the development of China's water treatment industry to make a certain contribution.

  • In 2001 the company successfully passed ISO9001; 2008 quality certification ISO14001; 2004 environmental management certification OHSAS18001; 2007 occupational health certification; EU CE certification.

  • Quality objectives: finished product inspection pass rate of 99.6 percent, customer satisfaction more than 90 points, on-time delivery rate of more than 98 percent.

  • Hand, fixed after-sales service calls, 24 hours a day for you to solve the technical problems after-sales service.

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Complaint Tel:0750-3726953

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Jiangmen Fushou Drinking Water Equipment Co., Ltd.

Jiangmen Fushou Drinking Water Equipment Co., Ltd.

Jiangmen Fushou Drinking Water Equipment Co., Ltd.

Jiangmen Fushou Drinking Water Equipment Co., Ltd. Jiangmen Fushou Drinking Water Equipment Co., Ltd. Jiangmen Fushou Drinking Water Equipment Co., Ltd. Jiangmen Fushou Drinking Water Equipment Co., Ltd.